Memory Mapper

Regenerative Design
Big Data
Product and Experience

People are dynamic, and so are their memories. They deserved to be showcased likewise.

In our future world of 2030, people are more likely to move cities frequently. The age-old question of where you are from becomes increasingly tricky to answer due to the complexity of its answer. Memory Map comes to your aid by showcasing your past through a new format. Unlike traditional methods of describing your past rooted in location, Memory Map places your memories on different tangents beyond just location by segregating them through people, places, objects, and feelings. With every new experience, the proximity-based map shifts. By placing this data within Holistic Health Records, patients may easily convey difficult experiences, making them feel comfortable within new communities. Synthesising Holistic Health Records can also lead to a more robust collective experience than a standalone memory, creating new dynamic methods of communication. This data can also be transferrable, leading to new interactions with other people and a collective memory bank within communities.

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