Regenerative Local Healthcare

Regenerative Design
Exhibition Design
Speculative Futures
Health and Wellbeing

8 Weeks
Team: Nilanjana Mannarprayil
Ryan Murray
Sean Smyth
Claire Lobban

In this project, we explored and designed speculative future worlds and experiences of regenerative local communities and systems leading towards equitable health in ten years.

Design, unlike art, is traditionally assumed to serve a practical purpose; our purpose for this project was to get people thinking about possible uses and unintended consequences of emerging technologies in real-world contexts. We urge you to challenge your perception and assumptions on technologically-driven regenerative realities. Would you be happy living in this world? What proactive measures would you take to facilitate/ prevent this future?

Here is my project process journal where you can see my development from ideation & prototyping to the final product.

︎︎︎Project Process Journal

Much like a pinball machine where every player has the same objective but achieves success through different paths, our EternalAIsed system aims to urge community members in a specific direction but not dictate individual choices and paths.
Take a shot, and see what effect you can have in the local community. See where it takes you. What challenges you might face, what skills you learn, what people you might meet, what impact you could have. Watch as your actions and reactions mingle and mix with our EternalAIsed’s collective intelligence system. See how your input contributes to the whole and helps synthesise your local community’s future knowledge and skill base.